Business Model
Ourbusiness model is based on the "employee" principle. We are not thecommercial agent
of the market represents many companies under his name and leafletsdistributed, we work             exclusively under the name, the corporate identity of ourclients and strive for optimal integration.

Appearance and base
The German sales team, with its own home address, phone and email address, etc.with

Target Market
We have acquired on the basis of our many years of activity, the necessaryknow-how and an          extensive network over the years that allows us quick access tothe desired key industry reach.
We define the market segments, we provide information and report on thepromising industries,   competition, pricing structures and the technical qualitystandards (DIN ISO - Certificates).

Marketing Strategies / Procedures
We create and define your target customer lists, we have quick access to themarket through
the network during the start-up phase, we build on the relationships and theacquisitions an
Customer base.
● distribution structure in Germany
● market analysis and trends
● target industries - Acquisition through our network
● acquisition of new customers through personal contact
● customer presentations (PowerPoint)
● demand potential - Analysis
● identification of needs and request procurement
● resubmissions to request appointment
● Offer prosecution to result
● Order accompaniment
● Report on all operations, contact, lead list, project list

Sales team
We are a team of specialists from the field of process technology with accessvia the
Network in the industry, for example: automotive industry, automotive,mechanical engineering,   

plant construction and apparatus, appliances, medical technology and electrical engineering.

Compensation - and investment model
● cost rate / month individually determined amounts (Start phase, individual runtime)
● travel expenses budget / month individually determined amounts
● Commission: 3 - 5% of net sales
● sample period 3 months;
● notice during the first 12 months of 4 weeks, then 12 weeks

KickOff Training
● Kickoff costs, one-time, acquisition of travel and accommodation costs by thecontracting authority.
   Start training the sales teams at its production site /company headquarters, getting to know the
   Production and employees, define common target setting.